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RC cars have evolved over the years, becoming more of a way of life and not a toy. But RC cars still make great Christmas presents! Here are the 9 best RC cars.

It is a classic Christmas scene. Kids come tumbling down the stairs to see a pile of presents under a beautifully decorated tree. And set right out front, ready to do circles around the entire pile, is a new remote control race car.

RC cars make great Christmas presents for adults as well as kids. The range of options in today’s RC car market means every member of the family can find a car that matches their preferences.

How can you tell the best RC cars from their competition? All you have to do is read our handy guide, and you will have all the information to find RC cars for everyone on your Christmas list.

9 of the Best RC Cars to Buy This Christmas

Here you will find nine remote control cars that run the gamut of available options.

Do you want a road racer or a buggy? Do you prefer a Ready-to-Race model or something that is built more for aesthetics? Do you want your vehicle equipped with audio technology?

We have you covered on all fronts. Dive in to find the RC car of your dreams.

1. 1/18 Scale Waterproof Traxxas LaTrax Rally Car RTR

This RTR, or Ready-to-Race, model combines performance, precision, and affordability. The Traxxas LaTrax Rally Car comes fully assembled in an easy, portable package.

This car has great graphics, and the best part is that you do not have to paint them on yourself! It is more than good looking too. The LaTrax’s body is built to withstand impact over the long haul, so you can get aggressive in races with your friends.

The LaTrax has a high-quality receiver to ensure performance even from distance and in inclement weather. If anything does happen to the receiver, it comes covered by Traxxas’ Lifetime Electronics Warranty.

2. 1/10 Scale Traxxas Ford Fiesta ST Rally Car RTR

We like Traxxas’ RC cars so much, we are starting our list with two of them. At 1/10 scale, the Ford Fiesta ST Rally runs a little bigger than the LaTrax. At the same time, its chassis has a lower center of gravity for maximum control on the track.

The Low-CG chassis combines with the car’s oil-filled Ultra Shocks to make an agile race car. When you race with this car, you are going to get tight turns and fast-paced action. It also has full-time four-wheel drive, which makes it as good off-road as it is on a race track.

The Ford Fiesta ST Rally is a great gift for car people in your life.

3. 1/10 Scale Redcat Racing Tornado EPX Pro Brushless Buggy

This buggy is built to withstand bumps and bruises. The Redcat Racing Tornado EPX Pro Brushless Buggy boasts four-wheel drive like the Traxxas Ford Fiesta. It also comes with shock towers you can adjust based on the race you are running.

The Tornado adds an extra element of speed and stability to the mix. Its adjustable wing creates a downforce in the rear of the car that gives it traction and keeps it on course while flying by the competition.

4. 1/10 Scale Tamiya NSX

If you prefer to build your RC car yourself, the electric-powered Tamiya NSX is a great starter RC kit. Its TT-02 chassis is built to provide an accessible starting point for RC car newcomers.

The NSX is not just a basic model, though. It also serves as a great platform for expansions, with all sorts of parts available to soup up the car’s speed and performance.

5. Traxxas 4-Tec 2.0 AWD Chassis

We cannot steer clear of Traxxas for long when discussing the best RC cars on the market. The 4-Tec 2.0 AWD Chassis is a powerful on-road racer. With a top speed of more than 30 miles per hour, it would get a ticket in a school zone!

The 4-Tec 2.0 is not all unrestrained speed. Its XL-5 Electronic Speed Control gives you smooth, high-frequency control along with high-current handling and one-button setup from EZ-Set.

If you are looking for an RC car with maximum power, look no further than the 4-Tec 2.0.

6. Redcat Racing Tornado S30 Nitro Buggy

Here is another buggy in the Redcat Racing Tornado family. The S30 Nitro Buggy has wings, literally. Its adjustable rear wing gives the same traction and stability at high speeds of its cousin, the EPX Pro.

The S30 can speed through a race on the track or off-road. Its adjustable pillow ball suspension ensures it will do so with minimal hiccups, just pure pillowy speed.

7. 1/10 Scale Traxxas Slash 2WD Short Course RTR Truck

Perhaps we are cheating by including a truck on this list, but the features of this Traxxas truck are too good not to mention.

The Traxxas Slash 2WD Short Course RTR Truck has a killer sound system. Instead of hip-hop beats, it blasts the engine sounds of a 900+ horsepower short course truck. Your competitors may veer off the road from the sound alone!

True to its name, the Slash can take a beating too. Its chassis, suspension, and motor are all built to last.

8. 1/8 Scale Losi 8IGHT Nitro Buggy RTR

If you are just getting started in your buggy racing career, the Losi 8IGHT Nitro Buggy RTR is a great first buggy to begin with.

Its 4mm T-6 aluminum chassis plate is durable. Its Dynamite .21 nitro engine is powerful. And its center and rear dogbones eliminate friction and improve bump handling.

9. Tamiya RC F104 Pro II

Our final entry comes in the form of a Tamiya Formula One kit with body. Tamiya has refined the F104 Pro chassis it introduced in 2009 with a lower deck and upgraded parts. The result is a super responsive RC car that takes sharp turns with ease.

The Tamiya RC F104 Pro II is one of the best cars for RC Formula One racing. Since it is a kit, it gives you the satisfaction of a car well built as well as a race well run.

Looking for More RC Cars? Don’t Stop Now!

RC cars make for Christmas presents that are much more affordable than their full-size counterparts. And these nine vehicles are just the start of the list of best RC cars. Grab one today, or let this be the start of your own RC car search.

Keep searching by browsing our RC car collection before Christmas passes you by!